Skin Care, Fragrance and Cosmetics Cards

Arcade Beauty

Fragrance Cards, the new 3D application sistem for fragrance samples, with the best 3D technology.
You may combine up to 30 different fragrance samples, for  promotional distribution, stand-alone sampling solution for department store, drug store and supermarket counters, or can be used in direct sell kits for sales representatives.

Arcade Beauty

Cosmetics Cards, the new 3D application sistem for cosmetic sampling, with the best 3D technology.
You may combine up to 30 different shades of foundation, eye shadow, blush, lips, lip gloss and nail polish on a single card, to be applied with a finger or an applicator.

Arcade Beauty Skin Care

Skin Care Card, a new 3D application system for beauty sampling. It is a card that contains single-dose envelopes with samples of your products, such as cream, gel, makeup, lips, fragrances or granules.

You can print your brand or any type of information on one or all four sides, so your brand will stand out from any angle or position.

Each of the samples can easily be separated from the cube, with the advantage that the consumer can easily try the product of interest.

The advantage is that your brand will remain visible on either side at any distance, and handling, whether at the counter or in the sales trunk, will be extremely easy and comfortable.

Arcade Beauty Pull & Push

It is the only 3D flat envelope that can travel inside any publication, without the fear of breaking, since our unique 3D technology, protects it from stacking and binding pressures, with the advantage that when you open it and press it, you will take advantage of the last milliliter. of your product.